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The Phoenix Diet: Change Your Diet, Change Your Life (c)

Lose Weight for Good!

Results vary depending on your current health status.


Using therapeutic nutrition is a powerful approach to improve your wellbeing.  

Are you feeling run down, tired, have allergies or lack your previous spunk and enthusiasm?  If you would like a FREE consultation or want information about the REJUVENATION PROGRAM please fill out this form and print it out or email it to us.  Then schedule a consultation to learn what is recommended based on your score.

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Dr. Taylor knows that improving health at the cellular level is foundational to extraordinary health improvements. 
Every individual has a unique make up so cook-book treatment plans are not the best approach. Dr. Taylor is dedicated to designing a unique plan for each individual to meet their specific needs. 

                                   NUTRITION EVALUATION

An initial visit takes about 45 minutes. A case history and nutritional exam is included along with recommendations based on your goals and exam findings.  Please complete the intake forms by clicking on the link.
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